• Julia is now 12 and getting big...


I was born in England in 1968.

I have two siblings Timothy and Katheryn Doherty.

My parents are Neil Doherty and Ann Alderson.

My grandparents George and Nana Doherty and George and Kate Alderson.

Soon after my birth we moved to Zambia, Africa. We lived in Africa for three years. My brother was born there and my sister was conceived shortly before we left.

We bounced around England for the next seven years pursuing my fathers career as a professor. We then moved to Alberta Canada. After a years sabbatical my father was offered a permanent position so after a few months back in England we made the move back to Alberta. We lived in a great location that allowed me to ski from my back yard to the local ski slope. So every day after school I would meet with friends and spend the evening skiing. Our parents took turns picking us up.

Two years later my father accepted a position in Illinois. During my high school years I fell in love with cycling. Unfortunately Illinois is not very hilly so I suffered any time we took a trip to an area that was dominated by hills. So when it came time to choose a University I looked at schools in Colorado. I choose Colorado State University in Ft. Collins. Ft. Collins offers tremendous opportunities for cycling and is just a few hours away from some of the best skiing in the United States. I loved Ft. Collins so much I stayed on for a couple of years after University.

My parents moved to Pennsylvania when I left for Colorado. After searching for a job in Ft. Collins I decided to try my luck in Philadelphia. Of course with many more opportunities I was able to quickly find work in what would become my chosen profession, computing.

In 2000 I joined the international software company SAP as a consultant. I spent the next seven years traveling the country supporting SAP implementations. In 2007 I accepted a management position for SAP. That same year my partner Tina and I purchased a house in the mountains of Colorado.

In April of 2008 our daughter Julia was born. You can read more about her in the baby news section and see pictures of her in the baby pictures section.